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How to Find Your Next Startup Investment Deals

Depends on your financial goals, motivation, budget and time, there are 10 ways you can get into the angel investing game.

  1. Invest via online platforms using AngelLists, SeedInvestFunder's Club and Wefunder
  2. Attend demo days and invest in incubators' deal flow. 500 Startups, YCombinator and TechStars are all well established incubators and host demo days a few times a year. 
  3. Invest in a fund and get later stage deal flow. There are many well established venture funds focusing on later stage (Series A and after) investments. Some of these more well established companies may have room for co-investments. 
  4. Invest via angel groups - Form a local angel group with friends who are also interested in investing in startups. You can enjoy the benefits of sharing deal flow and leveraging each other’s knowledge in evaluating opportunities together. 
  5. Invest in an incubator or seed fund and let them do the groundwork. Get access to their quarterly financials and ask for introductions to specific companies that perform well and interest you. 
  6. Invest in secondary market. Platforms like Nasdaq Private Market (previously SecondMarket) and Sharespost give early shareholder opportunities for liquidity. 
  7. Ask for referral. Let your local VCs, angel investors and startup community organizers know you are ready to invest.
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