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10 Key Questions Before You Jump into Startup Investing

Before you jump into startup investing, here is a list of questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Why do you want to invest in startups? 
    • Industry insights 
    • Investment returns 
    • Potential partnership with startups 
    • Potential acquisition target 
    • Local startup-community building 
    • Self learning and personal development 
  2. What is your expected return in investment and time horizon? (Note: Most startups take seven years on average to grow from its first VC investment to an IPO, if they IPO at all.) 
  3. What is your expected involvement in terms of your time and knowledge sharing? 
  4. How much money are you planning to allocate for startup investment per year? 
  5. How many investments do you plan to make per year? 
  6. What is your target portfolio size? 
  7. What stage of startups do you want to invest? 
  8. What geographic locations of startups do you want or not want to invest? 
  9. What industries or categories of startups do you want or not want to invest? Can you afford to lose if 90% of your investments fail? 
  10. What do you want to learn from startup investing?
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